Here’s a grand ol’ list of brainwaves that have popped into my head over the years. You shouldn’t put much thought into many of these as I certainly haven’t. These are just the ones that I was able to jot down quickly enough!

~~ Physical ~~

Hot Health

Device that sits in your room and monitors your body temp, heartbeat etc. Can chart any reasons for future illness. Takes into account weather etc.


Grown skin used for cosmetics


Car chassis integrates solar tech.

Pot timer

Timer that attaches to pot so easy to see coking time.
Can also detect temperature?


Automated drones make shapes in night sky.


Automated greenhouses in flatpack boxes

SkypeTv Phone

Android based Skype phone on large user friendly screen for older ppl.


Big buttons

In built speakers


Gps on kids when on a school trip

Solar trees

Solar panels in a tree shape.

Also hack how trees photosynthesise - hybrid tree?

Pill Dispenser

For old people/handicapped.
Doctor can programme a dispenser to drop out pill dose each day.

Can trigger light/sound when time to take pills.

App for family to track.

Selfie Camera

Hovers where you place it to take selfies

Museum camera

Some way of walking around gallery interpreting art

table power

Tables have new power charger. Use in coffee shops


Takes photo of you every day

Recipe graze

Menu delivery

StickyBack phone

Stick Polaroid pictures on back of phone


Pair of prescription glasses that can flick to sunglasses - like those frosted glass doors that use a current to switch.

Medical stitching device

Use infrared / vision to assess cut and automate stitches.
Robot that does surgeries

~~ Apps ~~

Gig night

Analyses artists style and finds similar sounding artists playing in City

Flying hero

Shows complete list of all flights by trawling your emails for details.

what’s out there

Use gps on plane to overlay info of what you can see on plane window

Pebble Tamagochi - ‘Stroke’

Different gestures on the face of the pebble mean different moods which determine the type of owner
tapping == angry, mayb eimpatient? stroking means affection, circle means happy
notification to update every hour?

Take pic

Take picture of face. See who you look like.

Picture App

Picture me - draw pictires to your mate

Diamond Game

Diamond word game. Multiplayer.

Google glasses

Enter tube station. Tells you direction of tube and what one you want.

Builders/ architect. Can easily see what pieces are going where. 3d picture.

Lottery app

Need to watch ad before entering lottery.

Big prizes to attract users.

Daily reminder

Contact Notes

Phone notes. Add notes to each phone number. e.g after a call.

Shown when caller dials, or you dial them.


While on phone caller/callee can press button which sents directions to other person

Better/more accurate than talking

House Master

App that can start playing music, turn on oven etc before you get to house

Requires 'Internet of Things'

Chinese whispers site - gimmick

4Square Challenge

Kinda like cowboy's drawing guns. Not sure how this works.

Basically uses foursquare to find people in same location to 'draw'

Todo Reminder

Reminder for shopping list near locations to pick up items.

Vegetarian App

Help vegetarians quickly find decent places to eat in foreign towns so they don't have to rely on Subwayy.


Updates music on your iPod with freshest tracks that you would like. Keeps your classics that you listen to often


Pulls up legislation and any related cases


Appointments as a service. Directions rebooking etc

Tap to add

Bump phones together to add person to fb, whatsapp or whatever

Visual day

For autism: visual guide to their day

Still Game

Game where you need to stay still

Game show

Gunslinger in wild west have a shootout with instagram selfies on end of gun.

Whoever gets most likes wins. Whoever loses gets beaten to death regardless if other one has been shot during duel.

Who has best death face?

### Colouring in app / Dot to dot app Collaboration with others. Order books


When saving a webpage, large dial drops down dn you select what ideas it would help with, or if just general

~~ Digital Art ~~

Burning Man

Picture man: several cameras around body with gps.

As pictures are taken, it records journey through BM.

Building Game

App that allows you to play a game on the side of the building.

Multiplayer how to know what is yours?


A park square or other venue.

Sensors follow you (and many others) and shows your beat under where you walk.

App to hook into music on your phone?

Dance Circle

A circular canvas above crowd.

Images in time with music are projected onto it.


Pillars of life

A few cities e.g 6, are shown on individual pillars with live streaming video.

Each city has a set of pillars

Lights dim for places at night.

Look like 2001 Obelisk pillars


Copy art clock where it uses analog clocks to show digital time.


Put 6 screens on stage with projectors. Put a delay on recording movement of actual performer.

Digitally alter as necessary.

Passport Art

Big picture made up of passport photos.

Photo booth beside

Travel board

Create a corkboard world map. Coloured pins for each person. One colour for both people together.
String going pin to pin showing timeliness

Stop motion video of the making ?

Moving glasses

Sun glasses that move up as you speak

The story of my foot

Put sensors in my shoe (GPS, thermometer, moisture,  camera) and record.

Generate messages as I go.

Publish on Amazon


~~ Misc Tech ~~


Use sensors to record how you draw. Gives tips and improvements. Not sure if that's useful..

Palaxio flow

Development flow with packer/vagrant/docker/mestro/gitflow

Easy setup all the way to Prod


Site that extracts bank data and displays it by bills etc

Daily reminder of what you spent.


For on the go blogging. Categorised and allows draft. Color inversion for nighttime.

Ad Feedback

Scan an ad and see top criticism /dialog for an ad. Tube etc


Short wave signals so everyone can know where you are - googlelatitude but close..

Done before, but more aimed at festivals.

More users boost performance rather than hinder.
Link on house sale signs. Loads up details of house on site.

Allows you to request viewing etc


Half time content.

Fans can upload their own videos of goals etc

Chat, bet, shows stats.

Facial Recognition

Trawl through all phones on web (main sites)

Shows if you are found in any

HotSpot Promoter

Several promoters have wifi hotspots in their venues/bars/clubs/outside

People can connect to it using phone, check samples, pictures of venue, whatson, promotions etc.

Maybe an app to organise it better. People can signup to an - easier directions, maps, streetview etc in one package offline

Easy diagram.

Easily create and link simple diagrams to blogs etc similar to gists.

Desktop Viewer

View desktop on web page. No concern for security/limited. Quick session.

Viewers can 'hint' at locations on desktop. Chat/voice interface.

Medical App

Records heat signature, voice and writing. Legal and diagnosis

Real tickets

Simple api to send tickets.

Users get special edition ticket (curated tickets)

Users get discount loyalty card.

Able to reserve tickets when announced.


Allow you to customise your cereal boxes for your kids.

And adults?

The cereal itself?

Walking software servers

Self replication, always moving

~~ Random ~~



Entrance: Manequins that slowly turn towards you as you walkdown a dark corridor.

Just as you reach the end, one pops up behindyou.

A noise forces you to turn to see it.

Rain Restaurant

Restaurant with rain, but guests sit under large umbrella.

Slightly chilled so you get that cozy winter feel.

Do it in summer!

Magnetic pints

Easier to carry!


I love love love... t-shirt NYC style.

Nail Polish

Regeneration of nail polish. If some gets scratched, rest of nail polish regrows.

Errand network

Get people to do simple errands for you.