» Windows 8 Horror » 27 Nov 2013

Ok, I’ve taken on a side side-project creating a simple CapsLock notification for Windows 8. It seems that there is no indication whether CapsLock is on or not, except if you are using an on-screen keyboard (e.g on a tablet), or if you are at the login screen. You can turn on an annoying beeping sound but it only really has the effect of letting you know you have hit the CapsLock button, not if the system is in uppercase or not.

While this doesn’t directly affect me (I use Crunchbang), my Dad finds it a pain in the ass, particularly when entering passwords. As I have a fair bit of C#/WPF experience I thought I’d whip up a quick notification on the desktop when in caps mode. I should be so lucky.

All I have managed in about 4 hours is restart windows 4 times, install Visual Studio 2013 Express, attempted to run several official vs2013 samples, tried repairing VS2013 (which actually just redownloads everything). It is infuriating. For some unknown reason, there are two separate versions of Visual Studio 2013 Express. One for standard Windows Desktop development and one for new ‘Metro’ apps, cleverly named Windows. Why they didn’t bundle them together I can’t fathom. Either way it seems all the samples are directed for the Metro version.

I’ll have one more optimistic bash at it then I might burn a copy of windows 8 just to have the satisfaction of throwing it out.

Edit: Note for the future - the majority of samples require Windows API Code Pack

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