» Movement » 26 Nov 2013

Although the tag line for this site is ‘Born in Belfast; working in London’, it should now really read ‘Born in Belfast; worked in London; back in Belfast’. In the last month I have moved back to Belfast. It’s just a temporary measure though, so back to the job in London around April.

So this means I’ve suddenly got a lot more free time. Most of it has been taken up with handyman tasks that have been a refreshing change of pace, but I’ve also been able to tinker away with some small projects.

One such project is Hubblog (site still in development…). It is an Android app with the aim to make it easy and quick to write articles in markdown or plaintext and post them to a Jekyll-based blog, like this one! As this blog is hosted using the fantastic GitHub-Pages, currently Hubblog only connects to that service for posting and editing articles.

Aside from the actual use of the Hubblog app, there were two main motivations to creating it:

Hopefully, future posts will be written from the app!

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