» Issues with Calex and GitHub » 17 Sep 2012

So my side project Calex is pretty much finished, except for one critical issue - adding a new blog post is not possible while using a custom domain.

To give a quick summary, the idea behind Calex was to easily add and view what activities/tasks were done on any particular day. Using GitHub Pages to host, the main page is one big calendar and has a nice tick for each day that I accomplished a task. Adding a new task for a day was a matter of committing a new post with details of what I had done.

Committing a new blog post is easy if I am on my development machine and have SSH GitHub access but I wanted it to be able to commit from anywhere (e.g from my mobile). Hence, I created a page to commit new posts that formats them nicely with markdown syntax.

I use a javascript library, GitHub-WebCommit, to commit to the Calex GitHub repository by following the GitHub API. This is where the problem lies. In normal circumstances, the javascript library works exactly as planned and will easily commit a new post from a project page but only if the domain is still showing ‘xxxx.github.com’ or from ‘localhost’.

Github Pages gives you the ability to use custom domains, which is what I am doing with this site, but as I have set my main User Page all other GitHub project pages in my repository will use this custom domain. For that reason the javascript commit requests will use ‘donalfarrell.com/calex’ as their origin which is a big no-no as it violates the same domain policy.

I’ve tried many things to get around this, but the simple fact is that I need to either set the domain name to be ‘xxxx.github.com/calex’ (something I am unwilling to do as I will lose this blog domain), or to register the app with GitHub and implement the OAuth protocol.

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